Toyroom, Members Club, Mayfair, London
Toy Room boasts a contemporary and adult context, juxtaposing innocence and nostalgia with sexual and deviant behaviour.
Toyroom, Members Club, Mayfair, London

With capacity for only 415 guest and a Hip Hop / Rock‘n Roll only music policy, this deliberately boutique club focuses especially on delivering elite hospitality to a clutch of London's most fashionable movers and shakers.

The design takes visual and stylistic cues from a mix of sources: iconic children’s toys, fictional characters, comic book illustrations, contemporary popular media, celebrity lifestyle, and the coutnerculture of graffiti, sex and drugs.

Toy Room is a playful, provocative, unpretentious and sexy place with a special focus on intimate hospitality and service setting us apart from any other nightclub in London.

TypeMembers Club
AreaMayfair, London
Address8-9 Argyll St, Soho, W1F 7TF
Dress CodeSmart Casual
Opening hoursThursday - Saturday 11 pm - 6 am
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