Frequently Asked Questions
A. All prospective applicants must fill out our membership invitation form. Kindly note, in order to maintain the highest standards of service we seek for our members, our committee reserves the right to approve a limited number of new memberships in each calendar year.
A. In our effort to continuously provide an exemplar level of service to our existing members, we limit the uptake of new members. In this respect, we are able to offer a highly bespoke and personalised approach together with exclusive benefits which simply cannot be found anywhere else.
A. As a boutique concierge, we provide a uniquely bespoke membership package which is tailored towards each member's individual needs and aspirations. This allows us to offer a highly competitive pricing structure, as well as, establishing a fair usage of our concierge service by each member.

For example, an ultra-high-net worth member might wish to enjoy a 365/24/7 global service, a dedicated assistant, proactive recommendations and family coverage. On the other hand, a younger-aged member might choose to enjoy a local concierge service and make a limited number of requests.
A. As stated above our pricing structure is determined by the specific needs of our members, with the key contributing factors being as follows:
- Whether the member requires global or local access
- Whether the member requires 365/24/7 service
- Whether the member requires a dedicated assistant
- Whether the member requires family coverage

Please note, reduced rates are valid for applicants who are under 30 years of age. Your membership manager will discuss the pricing options with you in more detail, at the time of acceptance to our club.
A. Yes we do. Each of our members is unique to us and we greatly appreciate their individual circumstances to provide a tailor-made service.
A. We provide a global service and we often travel alongside our members, across the globe, to fulfil their needs. In addition, through our international network of preferred partners and suppliers, we are able to satisfy the most stringent requests in a prompt and delicate manner.
A. We only cater for the needs of our approved members. At this moment, we do not provide any services to non-members.
A. We believe, that our truly personal approach is what sets us apart. Our clients is our family and their aspirations, needs and concerns are our utmost priority. Furthermore, through our accumulated experience and industry contacts, we are in the ideal position to offer an enviable level of service.
A. For all membership enquiries, you can send us a message via chat or contact us via e-mail at members@royist.com. Please avoid asking any concierge requests, as these are only fulfilled for approved members.