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PatronOur reservations-only service
Mid2020availabilityBecome a patron
pay as you go
one-time joining feeUnited States
change location
MemberOur highly coveted membershipconcierge luxury membershipprice on applicationBecome a member
yearly contract
one-time joining fee
Join the waiting list for our bespoke private concierge membership
Our Service Patron Member
Private Coverage
Family Coverage
365/24/7 Service
Proactive Recommendations
Dedicated Manager
Global Service
Types of Requests Reservations-only Unlimited
Number of Requests Limited Unlimited
Notice Period 24 hours Instant
Lifestyle Magazine
Global Calendar
Brands Collection
Patrons are entitled to reservation-only requests with regards to obtaining access to restaurants, venues, global events and local happenings. A fixed requests quota per calendar month applies.
Our membership is currently by invitation-only with an annual contract and a one-time joining fee. For a full list of available services, please refer to our schedule of services.

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