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Travel-inspired furniture with the Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection
Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades is a collection of travel-inspired furniture and objects made in collaboration with internationally renowned designers.
Delfin Wellness CocoOne, first-class cocooning lounge—a fantastic invitation to get some rest
The world is spinning faster and faster. Places to decelerate are more desirable than ever. CocoOne is such a place.
OKA’s Master Pieces interior concept is all about creating a statement look
The eclectic skill set of OKA's designers translates into striking, timeless and elegant interiors.
Modular majesty: B&B Italia x Mario Bellini’s statement Camaleonda sofa to be re-issued this year
50 years after its first release, Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa is being re-issued by B&B Italia to inspire the creative homeowner with a classic statement piece.
by Ellie Loxton
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Nixie Machine III: a third and final Nixie Machine by Frank Buchwald, exclusively at the M.A.D.Gallery
The M.A.D.Gallery is thrilled to offer this final evolution of the Nixie Machine series in a collection of 18 pieces available exclusively from the M.A.D.Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei.
The Boeing 737 Cowling Chair handcrafted by Plane Industries
Plane Industries is a British furniture brand with a focus on authentic aircraft parts as their core material of choice. 
The Auriga 2020 bedroom collection by Laskasas interior design
Founded in 2003, Laskasas is an interior design brand specialized in furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces.
Challenge the game of sophistication with Louis Vuitton
If competition nights and traditional games haven't enhanced a lockdown staple in your home, a particular French luxury fashion house will.
by Alexander Ron
Baccarat’s Haute Couture Decanter Beaune
This limited and numbered hand-painted gold filigree demonstrates Baccarat's artisanal mastery.
The Exploring Eden collection by Bethan Gray is pushing the limits of natural materials
Established in 2008, Bethan Gray Design creates luxury handcrafted collections of furniture and home accessories that are renowned throughout the world.
Alexandra Llewellyn’s enchanting Tulips backgammon board
Alexandra Llewellyn is known for creating original and beautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture.
The Lotusier tea humidor, an objet d’art for preserving fine and rare teas
Lotusier is a London-based brand with a global mindset and an international clientele, whose core team comprises diverse skills and expertise - including architects, engineers and designers.
The Linley Cocktail Bar exudes sophistication, wit and charm
Since the brand's inception, Linley has specialized in creating full-size bars, which houses the ultimate collection of spirits, glasses, and cocktail accessories.
RM S05, a mechanical fountain pen by Richard Mille
The fountain pen is a symbolic luxury object designed to appeal to the daily or occasional user, the simply curious, the connoisseur and the collector alike.
Berluti and Globe-Trotter collaborate for Travel Capsule collection
This season, Berluti and Globe-Trotter have collaborated to create a Travel Capsule collection featuring for the first time Berluti’s SIGNATURE Canvas.
Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Fire, more than “the world’s highest-performance gas grill”
From design and construction to customer service, Kalamazoo sets the bar for industry excellence.
Star Wars themed Comic Art pinball machines, featuring artwork from Randy Martinez
Stern Pinball, Inc. is a world-renowned brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.
Discover authentic Italian manufacturing with bespoke pool table designs by Vismara
Thanks to its luxurious and innovative products, as the fruit of expert architects and designers’ experience and passion, Vismara is a well-known brand both in Europe and all over the world.
Globe-Trotter x Paul Smith newest collaboration, ‘Mini Attache Case’
120 years in the making, this special collaboration brings together the craftsmanship of Globe-Trotter and the colours of Paul Smith.
Skyline Chess redefine the ageless game in stunning cityscape chess boards
Recreating the world’s most iconic city scenes in spectacular detail, London-based Skyline Chess bring a sleek, contemporary finish to a timeless game.
by Ellie Loxton
Introducing the MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike
Moncler and Mate.bike join forces to push boundaries on performance and personal expression.
Meet the Ferrari x Marc Newson tailored luggage line
Renowned designer Marc Newson teamed up with Ferrari to create an exclusive set of luggage to accompany discerning clients on their worldly travels.
Muguet 2020 Millésime by Maison Massillon an exceptional lucky-charm
For over 110 years, the House of Guerlain has been perpetuating the tradition of Muguet, a luxurious occasion that celebrates the arrival of Spring.
Los Angeles based 11 ravens announces limited-edition pool table exclusively to Rolls-Royce customers
Founded in 2011 by a professional table tennis player and several dedicated advocates of the sport, 11 Ravens' use of ultra-sophisticated design and dedication to superior quality produces a handmade product that is in a class of its own.
Hästens Grand Vividus by Ferris Rafauli, an exclusive collaboration
Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations—from their roots as master saddlers to Hästens appointment as Royal Purveyors, and the Spirit of Excellence that drives the company forward into the future.
3T FOR BMW bike, experience sheer cycling pleasure
BMW partners with 3T to deliver “sheer cycling pleasure” in form of a trendy urban gravel bike.
Worldly wonders: bring global distinction into your home with the stunning Tellus globe
Immense, intriguing, inspiring: the artisan globemakers Bellerby & Co. capture every wonder of planet Earth in the exquisitely hand-crafted and evocatively iridescent Tellus globe.
by Ellie Loxton
The SL45 Vinyl Peacock Jukebox by Sound Leisure
Designed and manufactured exclusively for Harrods and limited to only 50 machines world-wide.
Gucci the alchemist garden Hortus Sanitatis is an invigorating unisex fragrance
A new eau de parfum in Gucci's Haute Perfumery line The Alchemist’s Garden, Hortus Sanitatis (Latin for "The Garden of Health") blends notes of Papyrus and Cedarwood, and is named after one of the first natural history encyclopedias.
The Qlocktwo Classic Creator’s Edition Metamorphite crafted with millions of years old slate
Since 2009, Qlocktwo has been handcrafted individually to order at the company's Manufaktur in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Pastel Perfection: Le Creuset’s soothing new shades will create an oasis of kitchen calm
Temptingly sugary and mistily soft, Le Creuset iconic pots now come in three new pastel shades
by Ellie Loxton
Widen your imagination with the Intarsio kitchen portrait by Cesar
A kitchen is a research laboratory, and also a place for the soul. It needs rigorous organization but also conviviality.
Saint-Louis classic chess game, a luxurious chess board
Unrivalled, dense, clear, sonorous and luminous, born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with all the talent inherited from History and extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends.
GROHE Icon 3D, shaping the future by creating the impossible
Imagine a tap that redefines everything you previously thought possible. A 3D printed tap, born of the latest technology.

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