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Vianney Halter La Resonance

Inspired by space and galactic journeys as always, Vianney Halter creates a new watch in which the resonance point of origin is used as a seed for the construction of the whole device. Share

The acoustic resonance between two spiral-balance oscillators is a genuine complication. It took Vianney Halter several years of research and development to arrive in this form.

In 2013, the Deep Space Tourbillon was born as an instrument, displaying the human interpretation of the four dimensions. In 2021, this instrument was brought back transformed into The Deep Space Resonance. It’s encounter with spinning black holes, quasars and supernovae modified it’s core, and it’s purpose. In space, there is no up nor down, no left, right, front or back. Things gravitate, oscillate, attract and repulse in the isotropic void. From these condensed notions, La Resonance was born.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

Two black holes orbiting fast enough emit gravitational waves that propagate through space: the source of the waves inspired Vianney to create a new watch in which the resonance point of origin is used as a seed for the construction of the whole device. This new construction is a three-hand, 35 gram-light, round watch, regulated by two oscillators coupled by acoustic resonance. The manual winding gives it a power reserve of 100 hours.

Encapsulating this notion of isotropy required a brand new developement. The watchmaker launched the creation of a unique caliber in a minimalistic case. In order to balance everything, all the elements of the watch were invented conjointly.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

The construction of the case was a challenge as well as a return to the bases: apparent simplicity sprinkled with Vianney Halter DNA. The case itself is like a picture frame and display for the mechanics. The aim is to showcase the horological technology without stifling the delicate character of the movement, and therefore is kept round, slim, with no superfluous material. The result is a 39 mm unibody titanium ring, enclosed with 3 curved sapphire windows. Despite being one simple block, the case is sculpted so that it pays with light.

To materialize the notion of isotropy (equal behavior in all directions), Vianney designed the caliber to be made only with bridges and pillars. No mainplate means no reference direction. Axles and wheels levitate in the dragonfly-wing like structure, as one would float in space. The movement can be assembled or disassembled by blocks, in no particular order, as if it was (and could be) built in space.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

To better highlight the fundamental principles of the physical resonance phenomenon, all superfluous material has been trimmed down. Technical needs according to the function were evaluated so that each component is as thin and light as possible. The resulting structure is rigid and sturdy, even without a supporting plate.

As in the Deep Space Resonance, coupling is obtained via acoustic wave transmission through a solid unit like in a tuning fork. Having an acoustic coupling mechanism implies that the balances have to be as close as possible to each other, linked via the smallest possible bridge. This allows the energy to equalize and flow between the two oscillators. In order not to favor one oscillator over the other, the construction requires to be as symmetrical as possible.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

The resonance function keeps going as long as there is enough energy. There are two resonance modes: either in phase (the two springs are expanded together) or in phase opposition (one spiral is fully expanded while the other is fully contracted). Which modes the watch locks in depends on the position of the escapements when the power crosses the resonance threshold, and is reset when the watch stops. This way, the balances behavior can change and allow for another appreciation of the resonance phenomenon through the 3h window.

The stacked coupled balances are mounted in a porte-escapement unit, allowing for a thorough regulation and an easier maintenance. The common stud holder through which the mutual perturbations and energy flow between the balances has been heavily studied and patented. The differential splits the power equally to feed each escapement. Thanks to that, the meticulous selection of paired escapements, and their tight regulation, the two oscillators are primed for acoustic resonance. The calibre is geared towards one goal, there is nothing superfluous.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

Since the balances beat together, Vianney Halter followed the spirit of chronometry, with the least clutter as possible in one single dial displaying hours, minutes and seconds. As in cymatics, those hands are the materialization of the undulatory phenomenon.

Nowadays, the first motivation when making watches is not to show the time anymore. Although this was critical in the last century, it no longer is. What motivates Vianney Halter in the creation of new watches is to create unique and novel technical wearables. Each creation takes time and crystallizes his inspirations, knowledge and know-how.

Vianney Halter La Resonance

To Vianney Halter, aesthetics and refinishing of mechanical and exterior components are crucial. Each and every component is embellished on all their sides, by brushing and anglage. The cumulated hand beveling length is 3.7 meters, split onto 11 wheels and 13 titanium bridges. The 30 concave pillars are mirror polished.

From the beauty of the symmetrical architecture, to the traditional hand finishing, everything converges towards highlighting the delicate nature of the complication, regardless under which angle it is observed.

The creation of this very unique mechanical device is a process that took its inspiration in the past, the present and the future.

Guide Price: CHF 235,000

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