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Trilobe Une Folle Journée Diamant Rose Gold and Platinum

Trilobe favours complexity over simplicity, innovation over déjà vu, liberation over immobility, with 150 diamonds in motion. Share

One year after the launch of its collection Une Folle Journée, Trilobe takes its first step on the High Jewellery scene with a luminous and innovative piece, inspired by the ceiling of the Paris Opera House. The three rotating rings are adorned with exceptional diamonds whose secret setting, invisible to the naked eye, was designed with the expertise of craftsmen from rue de la Paix. This new creation showcases outstanding know-how with two years of research and development that went into achieving this true prowess at the crossroads of high watchmaking and high jewellery.

Trilobe Une Folle Journée Diamant Rose Gold and Platinum

While preserving the elegance and extravagance of Une Folle Journée, Trilobe chose to set its symbolic rings. A real technical challenge that would have been impossible to undertake without a complete architectural overhaul of the piece. Thus, the rings were entirely redesigned to accommodate 150 baguette diamonds. An evolution of material was also essential to guarantee the performance and reliability of the movement.

The material as well as the thinness of the rings, providing a limited space for the precious stones, led the House to develop an innovative setting process in collaboration with expert gem-setters from Rue de la Paix, RJC certified. The 150 diamonds of the Hours, Minutes and Seconds are set through an invisible opening and then slide along the ring, thanks to a unique system developed exclusively by Trilobe.

Trilobe Une Folle Journée Diamant Rose Gold and Platinum

The know-how of the gem-setter is combined with the expertise of a renowned diamond trader from Place Vendôme, RJC certified, to bring Une Folle Journée Diamant to life. Carefully selected according to high quality and traceability standards, the 150 stones are meticulously diamond-cut to measure to fit perfectly the curves of Trilobe’s three iconic rings. Emblematic of the 7 art forms, the Garnier Opera House is a strong symbol for Trilobe, who never ceases to reflect its affinity for the arts through its creations.

Look up to the sky to admire an 8-meter-high chandelier whose splendour is undeniable. 314 lights, named the diamond belt, adorn the work of contemporary artist Marc Chagall. The fresco is divided into 12 triangles and forms a circle that must be read by a 360° rotation. This mural was once controversial because of its audacity and avant-gardism. Yet today, it is considered as an indissociable element of the Opera house and subtly reflects the identity of Trilobe.

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