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The Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

A worthy and symbolic celebration of a motion picture that turned 50 without aging in the least. Share

The Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary combines the world of ultra-high-end watchmaking with the breathtaking complexity of a mechanical music box, playing the stirring theme music of The Godfather. This 50-piece limited series is a striking cinematic, graphic and musical recollection of Francis Ford Coppola’s cult classic that surpasses every previous iteration.

This exquisite timepiece incorporates thirteen of the movie’s scenes, in the same narrative order as in the movie. This graphic synopsis is laser-etched onto the white gold case with an unprecedented level of vividness and quality. The piece also features the movie’s thirteen most famous quotes engraved on the music box barrels. Some of them are firmly anchored in popular culture, the most famous being “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

The Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

The Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary is housed in a 49-mm white gold case whose sides are decorated with thirteen emblematic scenes from the movie. Each scene is etched on the case using ground-breaking high-intensity, high-precision femtolaser technology that allows unparalleled emotion through realism. The engraving process of each case takes no less than 30 hours under laser beams.

The etching process creates unprecedented realism and vividness, so that one actually feels the frame from The Godfather’s movie reel, complete with its notches. The thirteen scenes include: The doors to the Corleone compound. The car Sonny Corleone gets shot in. Michael and his first wife Apollonia walking after their wedding. Moe Green’s glasses with a bullet hole in them. These thirteen frames are laid out in a literal, cinematic way and in the same order as in the movie. As The Godfather is famous for some of its quotes, they made their way into the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary. The two barrels of the music box mechanism proved to be an ideal and available space to engrave.

The Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

There are thirteen famous lines such as the iconic “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” or “Never ask me about my business.” The barrels are crafted from rose gold, engraved and polished.

Furthermore, The Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary brings the rarest type of audible complications to front. Its music box, engineered into the strict constraints of a wristwatch and designed to play the iconic theme music of The Godfather, recreated into this purely mechanical format in official partnership with Paramount Pictures. A single press on the pusher situated at the 10 o’clock position of the case initiates the chiming mechanism and sets 658 components into motion. A pair of uniquely crafted cylinders begin to rotate at a finely calculated tempo, brushing their 36 teeth against a pair of combs to play a total of 120 notes of the original movie theme.

The Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

In unison with the 30-second operation of the chiming function, the entire movement and dial assembly of the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary perform a rotation of 120°, a singular feat that serves as a testament to the powerful engineering that lives inside the JCFM04 caliber. Integrated as part of the music box, the keys of the piano are in reality the comb that contacts the pins of the cylinder, producing the music. As a result, the keys of the piano are moving while the music is playing.

The Piano and Godfather logo plate covering the combs are of a perfectly polished PVD black with rose gold decor. One features the classic image of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, the other the puppeteer strings from the original movie poster with the “50 years” logo.

The Jacob & Co. Godfather Musical Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

Sitting in the very center of the timepiece is a miniature, hand-engraved and hand-painted figurine of the rose the Godfather wears on his lapel. A symbol of the original book, of the movie and of the Don, it represents one of the many tributes the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary pays to The Godfather. On the case is the 18K gold winding crank, in the shape of a violin, replacing the traditional crown. This crank charges the power reserve for the movement and for the music box function.

It also contains an all-new version of The Godfather Pen, which is an integral part of the Jacob & Co. Godfather universe. This black celluloid fountain pen features an ample rose resting at the top of the cap, rendered in red and green enamel. The Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary holds a special place in the Jacob & Co. collections. Its unique, strategic, innovative, emotional and graphic position is further consolidated by a special wood case, lined with red velvet. It contains a crystal decanter with a high-resolution print of Marlon Brando and The Godfather main logo.

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