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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone TM MB

Welcome to the most colourful and luminous expression of Roger Dubuis so far. Share

Limited to just 28 pieces, the Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier is a marvel within the world of haute horology. Not only for its exclusive number but for the creative and ground-breaking mindset that sets it apart. Yet again, Roger Dubuis has arrived at the crossroads where craftsmanship, innovation, and performance meet. A combination that masterfully guides the Maison towards the pinnacle of Hyper Horology.

This inventive timepiece takes the Maison’s watchmaking to unconquered limits, where every detail has a scintillating effect. The Blacklight collection has already cemented an iconic reputation for its mastery of radiant aesthetics and excelled performance. With the latest generation now in the spotlight, the visionary Spin-Stone edition takes another bold step forward. Powered by the RD720SQ calibre, and glowing with artistic originality, this is a watch that demands attention.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone TM MB

Instantly, the eye is drawn to the vivid spinels that adorn this Hyper Horology creation. Graded from red to blue, and coated with Super-LumiNova, each astonishing spinel is always shining in full colour—whether by day, by night, or under UV light. This multi-toned effect gives the watch its chromatic look, and perfectly showcases Roger Dubuis’ enduring dedication to the intricate art of luminescence. To achieve the exact shades, uniformity, and luminescence desired, each spinel has been synthetically grown. A challenging technique that ensures colour and light blend perfectly to attain the most flawless results.

Setting this watch apart with true innovation are the powerfully visible spinels that encircle the bezel and flange and take the name of Spin-Stones. This world premiere stone-cut is patent pending, and yet again demonstrates the Maison’s ability to exploit aesthetic design in its most spectacular form. Cleverly sculpted with their own signature curves and sharp angles, each Spin-Stone is a work of originality and is a testament to the exacting skill of innovative watchmaking.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone TM MB

Meanwhile, the calibre’s eye-catching framework is comprised of its own 3D spinels. These colourful micro-beams of light reach out to form the branches of Roger Dubuis’ iconic star—which is neatly punctuated at its heart by a naturally fluorescent diamond. Proving that no detail is ever neglected, this carefully selected stone adds one final, yet essential, touch of brilliance.

Balancing aesthetics and performance, the automatic RD720SQ calibre has an increased power reserve of 72 hours and an optimized micro-rotor to minimize vibrations. To further improve stability, the balance wheel inertia has been doubled—making the watch less sensitive to shocks.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone TM MB

Yet the improvements don’t stop there. In a quest for greater efficiency and energy transmission, even the shape of the escapement has been enhanced, paired with diamond-coated silicon pallet stones and a new lube. This display of Roger Dubuis’ obsessive engineering is brought together with hand-finished quality and meticulous care—all resulting in the Poinçon de Genève certification, one of the most demanding signatures of fine watchmaking.

While audacious colours define the Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone MB, the balance of additional materials provides a striking contrast. To inject sophistication, the 42 mm case is made with the long-lasting hue of Eon-Gold and paired with an embossed white calf leather strap. Never static, the Maison has also allowed personal style to flow, with a versatile quick-release system that enables the strap to be switched in seconds.

Guide Price
CHF 153,500
Limited Edition of 28 pieces
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