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Carbon notes with Richard Mille’s RM 33-02 Automatic

Just like the RM 011 inspired the RM 11-03, the RM 33-02 is a new interpretation of the RM 033, the first ultra-thin round watch by Richard Mille. Share

By marrying the performance of a sports watch with the elegance of a round timepiece, Richard Mille has successfully merged two completely opposing characteristics. Reinterpreting a model by injecting it with the latest aesthetic and technical innovations is always an exciting challenge.

The RM 33-02 project was ultimately much more than a this though, because the brand actually re-assessed its place in the collection. This is what led to this sporty saloon of a creation, which features a refined interior as well as bodywork that cleverly reveals its sporting heritage.

Despite its limited production output, Richard Mille offers a very large range of watches. Indifferent to the standardised categories put forward by the watchmaking industry, Richard Mille has used its deep and close-knit ties with its customers and fans to identify the fields of technical and aesthetic expression that resonate with them the most.

Carbon notes with Richard Mille’s RM 33-02 Automatic
Photo: Courtesy of Richard Mille

Both the Richard Mille brand and its founder express a shared and marked desire to cover a wide range of worlds. More exclusive and rare than simply ‘luxurious’, the brand is stepping out of its initial spheres of sport and cars to reach far beyond its original territory.

The design and execution of the watch demonstrate a holistic approach to conception of the movement, case and dial. As a result, everything has been constructed according to extremely rigorous specifications. The front and back bezels are made of Carbon TPT®, a remarkable material with a unique finish obtained by layering hundreds of sheets of carbon fibres using an automated process that changes the orientation of the weft between layers.

Carbon notes with Richard Mille’s RM 33-02 Automatic

Heated to 120 °C in an autoclave similar to those used for aeronautic components, the material is then ready to be machined at Richard Mille. During this phase, the many layers of Carbon TPT® are revealed, creating random patterns that make each piece unique. The caseband is in 5N red gold.

Moreover, the tripartite case is assembled with 14 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel, further complemented by integration of the lugs into the case’s torque screw system. The tripartite case is water resistant to 30 metres, ensured by 2 Nitrile O-ring seals.

The RM 33-02 Automatic is available as a limited edition of 140 timepieces.

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