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A quintessential watch. Discover the Bovet Virtuoso VIII

A contemporary celebration of 195 years of artisanal fine watchmaking heritage Share

A true testament to 195 years of watchmaking history, the Virtuoso VIII expresses the quintessence of its values while elevating them to new heights with a sense of harmony that is constantly being perfected – the ultimate expression of the artisanal watchmaking tradition that has been upheld by Bovet since 1822. The craftsmen know the keywords that govern the development and manufacture of every single timepiece by heart:

Reliability – Chronometry – Decorative arts
The energy of the caliber equipping the Virtuoso VIII is released by a single barrel, which provides over ten days of autonomy while maintaining the oscillations of the balance wheel at 18,000 vph. The flying tourbillon’s groundbreaking structure has also proved its worth both in terms of reliability and chronometric performance. But for the Virtuoso VIII, Pascal Raffy decided to opt for an architecture typical of 19th-century watches, with a full plate and bridges hollowed out into a series of scrolls.

In 1822, the Bovet brothers took the decorative watchmaking arts to their highest summits. Since 2001,Pascal Raffy has set out to perpetuate this heritage and support the artisans at Bovet 1822 in their pursuit of constantly redefined excellence. The design and decoration of the caliber of the Virtuoso VIII are the ultimate expression of this.

The double face flying tourbillon of the Virtuoso VIII has been optimized to insure chronometry of the highest level. The entire finishes and decorations are carried out by hand. The big date was designed in such a way that its mechanism occupies the smallest possible surface area while displaying as big a date as possible. Only 39 timepieces in red gold, 39 in white gold (upon request for platinum) will be manufactured and can be customized according to the collector’s wishes by the Bovet 1822 artisans.

The dial-makers have showcased the decoration of the movement to perfection by creating two harmoniously arranged dials

The first indicates the power reserve while the second displays the hours, the minutes, and the magnificent big date aperture.

In order to conceal only those mechanisms that would otherwise interfere with the timepiece’s legibility, the surface area of the dials has been reduced to a minimum while sumptuous, rounded-off and hand-polished attachments straddle the bridges before anchoring themselves solidly to the movement. Whether the dials feature lavish ivory or black lacquer or precious blue aventurine, the Arabic numerals and their graduations, as well as the shape of their hands, have been directly inspired by the historic pocket watches from the Bovet 1822 collections.

The talent, passion and experience of our artisans find their full expression here with such intensity and harmony that the Virtuoso VIII literally commands your attention, captivating the gaze with its multi-faceted splendor.

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