lifestyle /home & gifts The Universe and Beyond: The Royal Edition iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar A company that has a reputation of only unveiling products that portray ultimate luxury with precious materials has come to its niche clientele with another opportunity to express their individuality with the iPhone 11 Pro Solar System Tourbillon.
by Vivek Sharma

The Russian manufacturer of exclusive lifestyle accessories never ceases to amaze. Caviar smartphones and watches have always been part of a niche that takes things up a notch. With precious materials ranging from gold, diamond, rubies to even fragments belonging to a whole different planet. These are the products that have their own distinction with a subtle yet exquisite touch of Luxe.

The iPhone 11 Pro Universe Diamond Gold from Caviar Royal Gifts takes the mere practice of owning a smartphone to another level of opulence and excitement. The phone’s body is a work of art with inscriptions inspired by the solar system with the presence of a complicated manual winding tourbillon watch.

The Universe and Beyond: The Royal Edition iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar
Solar System Inscription
Courtesy of Caviar

The face of the smartphone amazes at every glance with its numerous circles and spheres interweaved into each other with precious materials. It consists of 6 diamonds, 3 rubies, 1 cognac diamond, 2 topazes of Swiss shade, a piece of the Moon, a fragment of a meteorite, a fragment of a spaceship and 18 karats gold all intricately made to represent the image of planets and their orbits.

The Universe and Beyond: The Royal Edition iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar
Courtesy of Caviar

And the exquisite craftsmanship doesn’t just end there. The back of the smartphone is also etched with a complicated in-house mechanical movement CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon with manual winding 19 stones, one-minute tourbillon making 1 rotation in 1 min that is placed in the “six o’clock” position of the watch face.

Talking about the specifications of the smartphone, Caviar specific customization is available for iPhone Pro & Pro Max in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB internal memory with the latest version of IOS along with all the features of the basic retail version. However, considering all the extravagant accessories that make the iPhone 11 Caviar Universe Gold Diamond exclusive luxury, the iPhone 11 Pro weighs 144 gms more at 330 gms and iPhone 11 Pro Max weighs 194 gms more at 420 gms.

The Universe and Beyond: The Royal Edition iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar
Courtesy of Caviar

True to their mission, Caviar has turned every leaf here to highlight the individual style of every person by hearty customization options. Why land for a compromise when you can have it all at the same time?

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