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The Meural Canvas: World’s First Smart Frame

Meural combines the best of art, technology, and design, to create products that make us feel something. Share

The Meural Canvas is the first smart art frame to render images as lifelike as museum originals. It combines modern design, state-of-the-art tech, and a passion for discovery.

Its TrueArt technology is a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software which renders images lifelike and textured.

The Meural Canvas: World’s First Smart Frame
Photo: Courtesy of Meural

The company is committed to building a future in which art fills every blank wall, and everyone can become a patron of the arts. To that end, it has developed a patented platform for discovering, customizing, and interacting with visual art in your everyday life.

Through both its hardware product, the Meural Canvas smart frame, and my.meural—the expertly-curated library that powers it—the Meural platform empowers users to display over 30,000 artworks, and interact with them using voice, gesture, web, or mobile app.

Under the trusted umbrella of Netgear—the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet—Meural becomes an even more powerful platform for bringing the joy of art to the people—in their homes, offices, and anywhere else art can live.

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