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The Goa cutlery set from Cutipol

Add unique design to your dining table with this stunning 75 piece Goa cutlery set from Cutipol. Share

Cutipol was founded in 1964, with knowledge and competence being passed down through several generations. The company is right at the forefront of the cutlery industry in Europe, with their commitment being to use the finest materials alongside a pristine manufacturing process.  Old traditional craftsmanship still plays a major role in the way the company produces cutlery alongside modern machine techniques.

Designed by José Joaquim Ribeiro, an award-winning minimalist designer, the ‘Goa’ set, is both sleek and modern with a striking balance for the cutlery set’s aesthetic appearance. Made from luxurious stainless steel with a modern resin handle in an elegant black colour, this is the perfect set for hosting dinner parties in style.

The Goa cutlery set from Cutipol
Photo: Courtesy of Cutipol

This complete set includes 12 of each, table forks, table knives, table spoons, dessert forks, dessert knives, tea spoons and one soup ladle, one serving spoon and one serving fork. The ‘Goa’ set by Cutipol is surely an exquisite addition to your home or a brilliant gift idea for a special occasion.