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Saint-Louis classic chess game, a luxurious chess board

Unrivalled, dense, clear, sonorous and luminous, born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with all the talent inherited from History and extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends. Share

Saint-Louis is part of the Hermès group since 1995, and continues to call on the imagination and skills of designers who open the way to new uses for crystal – and so the tableware, decorative object and lighting collections are enriched by the creations of Eric Gizard, Hervé van der Straeten, Ionna Vautrin, José Lévy, Kiki van Eijk, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Paola Navone. They are both valuable and everyday objects, whose beauty magnifies the moments of pleasure and conviviality that grace our lives.

Saint-Louis classic chess game, a luxurious chess board
Photo: Courtesy of Saint-Louis

This chess game board is a true woodwork made of clear or dark dyed beech and covered with a matte varnish. It is doted with the same pawns. Chess game board in dyed beech, matte varnish finish and pawns in clear and flannel-grey crystal. This exceptional piece is designed with a contemporary touch and play with its emblematic codes.

The pawns, facing each other, are indeed stylized Saint-Louis’ decanter stoppers available in clear or flannel-grey crystal, apart from the Horse which is a true artwork from our intern creator. Playing with reflections and oppositions, these pieces confront two colours, two Saint-Louis signatures, as rivals on a board, evocating the two Houses defying each other on ancient battlefields.