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The LINLEY Gentleman’s Shooting Companion in oiled walnut is a portable miniature drinks carrier designed for taking on a shoot, it sports sturdy leather handles on either side for easy transportation and bears a sterling silver engravable plaque on the lid for personalisation.

The corners are protected by nickel brackets. On releasing the nickel silver clasp of the box and opening it, a neatly packed interior is revealed. A walnut rack is stowed within, housing 8 pewter cups. This can be removed to distribute the cups, which are conveniently engraved with the numbers one to eight referencing the guns’ pegs or places in the line at the start of the day.

Also contained within are two lead crystal, etched decanters with engravable silver hallmarked plaques set in rosewood for sloe gin, brandy or any other spirits taken to enhance the day. And finally a walnut compartment to hold 8 cigars with an in-built cigar cutter. These sit compactly between the decanters and the pewter cups, the finishing touch to a sporting ensemble.

LINLEY Gentleman’s Shooting Companion
LINLEY Gentleman’s Shooting Companion
LINLEY Gentleman’s Shooting Companion
Courtesy of LINLEY

David Linley founded his eponymous business in 1985 with the aim of designing and manufacturing furniture of the highest quality. Over the years he has worked closely with LINLEY designers and craftsmen to ensure that each piece has those quintessentially British characteristics of inventiveness, meticulous attention to detail, ingenuity, creative spirit, eccentricity, sophistication, wit and charm.

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