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The history of Dr. Vranjes Firenze is truly fascinating. From the very beginning, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes, founder and sole nose at the Maison, has been able to inspire and anticipate, conceiving avant-garde products and sensing the perfect moment to review the ways in which an artistic fragrance can be read.

Paolo grew up in Bologna, where his love for fragrances was born thanksto his grandfather, a trader in precious fabrics with a passion for essences. “I was captivated by this world made of precious transparent bottles, containing rare and exciting aromas. I really wanted to know all their secrets: where did they come from? What made them so special? Why did mixing them together produce something new and magical every time?” he often recalls.

His curiosity and passion were sup- ported by his innate talent, reinfor-ced with academic studies in chemi-stry, pharmacy and cosmetology. In 1983, in Florence, he founded the Antica Officina del Farmacista together with his wife Anna Maria. The city has always played a fundamental role in the creative and productive process. The cradle of beauty, the beloved and distinguished city. In Italy, Florence boasts the longest tradition in the art of working with essences and fragrances, with craftspeople able to support every type of creation.

Dr. Vranjes, elegant perfumed furnishing accessories hand-crafted in Florence
Courtesy of Dr. Vranjes

The magic of a moment, the alche-my of an encounter, the beauty of a landscape, the memory of an emotion. Fragrance is the perfect language for making the most beautiful memories unforgettable and evoking them in everyday life. Entering the world of Dr. Vranjes Firenze Home Fragrances means treating yourself to moments of pure pleasure, well-being and beauty. Getting to know them, experiencing the different notes, recalling the memories that each essence can evoke is like riding a carousel of the senses.

All the exclusive fragrances are the result of a perfect marriage between innovative and meticulous techniques, tireless research and homage to tradition. Having always been fascinated by olfactory memories, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes chose to enter the world of artistic perfumery by creating home scents, as he explains: “Olfactory e-motions are almost never connected to a personal perfume. Far more often they are linked to the fragrance of an atmosphere, a place, a moment. They are connected to anything that has to do with observation beyond the self.”

Dr. Vranjes, elegant perfumed furnishing accessories hand-crafted in Florence
Courtesy of Dr. Vranjes

Today the collection includes over 40 exclusive scents. The wide palette of fragrances is available in the iconic bottle and in refined decorative crystal elements, as well as in innovative De-corative Candles, Fragrance Lamps and Linen Fragrances. Thus, it is possible to choose the ideal olfactive decor element for every type of room, according to your own tastes, the seasons, the space, volume and light… Dr. Vranjes Firenze perfumes dress your spaces like a made-to-measure suit.

Love for beauty and quest for perfection have always been the basis of the perfumery’s philosophy. Attention is paid to the quality of the essences and the products used, but also to the creation of all the components with the most refined materials. Bottles, boxes, paper and labels are made by Florentine craftspeople and testify to the exclusivity and timeless elegance. Another fruit of this continuous quest is the iconic bottle created in 2008. Yet again it was Florence that provided the inspiration.

Dr. Vranjes, elegant perfumed furnishing accessories hand-crafted in Florence
Courtesy of Dr. Vranjes

The intuition however came from Mrs. Anna Maria Vranjes, who “has the ability of seeing the potential of unfinished objects”, confirms Paolo. She saw what was likely to be the base of a lamp being worked on by a master glass-maker, an expert in molten glass, and it reminded her of the octagonal base of the tambour of Florence’s Duomo. In truth, it was still rather shapeless, as the glass was going to be shaped and worked by hand. And so, changes and shaping were suggested, and the cast was commissioned. This is how the bottle that has become the icon of Dr. Vranjes Firenze was created, a symbol of style and design, the favourite olfactory decoration of many brand lovers.

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