lifestyle /gifts Vera Kettle 24-karat Gold by Casa Bugatti Bugatti designs and manufactures products for the table and kitchen, cutlery and small household appliances that are highly innovative and have an original and sophisticated design. 
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An exclusive treatment that makes the beautiful 24-karat Gold Vera Kettle unique and splendid, a special edition conceived for people who love standing out in every detail. Vera complements your relaxation time, with elegance and technical innovation. A special electronic control allows the kettle to reach the desired water temperature (between 45°C and 100 °C ) and guarantees consistent and efficient heating for the preparation of every hot drink.

Vera Kettle 24-karat Gold by Casa Bugatti
Courtesy of Casa Bugatti

For 90 years, Bugatti proposals have been distinguished by the unique style in which high technology blends with Italian tastefor shapes and details; links with the territory and craft tradition live together with the eyes open to the contemporary world and its values; from experience sharing to environmental sustainability.

Owing to the contribution of a large team of draughtsmen and designers, Bugatti produces small and large treasures for the home that interpret changing desires and enrich life’s habits and environments. Bugatti revolutionises the ‘simple and habitual’ daily rite of experiencing the home, by transforming it into an art, a gift, an emotion to be discovered every day.

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