lifestyle /Gifts Asprey Gumball 3000 Racing Car Cocktail Shaker To celebrate Asprey’s partnership with Gumball 3000, a limited-edition sterling silver Car Cocktail Shaker has been issued, a limited edition of 20, featuring the Gumball 3000 logo and a plate for participants car numbers to be engraved.
by Royist Lifestyle

Asprey’s Racing Car Shaker, balanced on carved Macassar ebony wheels is detailed with cast silver spokes and rims, the sterling silver body removes from the wheel base, and is highlighted with engraving detail depicting the racing car numbers. Intricate detailing of the front grill completes the overall vintage look and attention to detail, taking over 48 hours to complete by master silversmiths in Asprey’s Bond Street silver workshop.

Asprey Gumball 3000 Racing Car Cocktail Shaker
Photo: Asprey
Asprey Gumball 3000 Racing Car Cocktail Shaker
Photo: Asprey


  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • Width: 12cm / 4.7″
  • Height: 10cm / 3.9″
  • Length: 34cm / 13.4″

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