lifestyle /Gifts A stylish proposition, the Hadoro AirPods in Carbon Black French designer brand Hadoro Paris, known for making personalized accessories using high-end materials and impeccable craftsmanship, introduced a redesigned take on the Apple AirPods.
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Built with a premium touch of class combined with ergonomic features, the carbon fiber AirPods break through the norm and take an aesthetically bold approach for your essential device. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight but delivers amazing durability, Hadoro Paris produce this special material through a multi-staged process, guaranteeing excellence in precision and quality each and every time.

A stylish proposition, the Hadoro AirPods in Carbon Black
Photo: Hadoro Paris

The AirPods case is carved from three solid blocks of carbon fiber and hand-polished to fit the device perfectly, whilst the earphones are coated with a scratch-resistant, soft-touch finish. Customers also have the option of adding a custom touch to these carbon fiber AirPods by having up to 4 letters of your initials engraved on the case.

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