lifestyle /gifts A harmonious contradiction: The Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio The mesmerising lamp that projects ripple patterns using a water pump system.
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The Rain lamp comes as the first in a line of projects based upon what the studio calls ‘harmonious contradictions’ (one of the studios founding ideologies) the concept that contrasting elements under the right conditions can produce incredible outcomes. The Rain lamp merges electricity and water to create a new form of dynamic lightening.

The design consists of a large clear globe at the top of which is an encased Micro-Peristaltic pump and LED light bulb, and at the bottom lies a pool of lightly chlorinated water. The hidden pump circulates water from the pool and releases droplets that fall around the bulb.

As the droplets fall upon the pool the light refracts on the surface of the water disturbed by the ripples. The inherent shape of the globe acts as a magnifying lens projecting the effect on the surface below and creates a very subtle rainbow effect surrounding the projection.

A harmonious contradiction: The Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio
Courtesy of Rclarkson
A harmonious contradiction: The Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio
Courtesy of Rclarkson

The arrival of this piece comes after exploring many different iterations with different pump and bulb technologies, until finally evolving to a design that is safe, compact and durable. Using the Micro-Peristaltic pump a single droplet can be precisely timed to drop when desired.

However the real magic comes from three droplets simultaneously landing on the waters surface – as the ripples of each droplet collide it creates a series of constructive and destructive interferences, a momentary condition in which the ripples ‘bounce’ off of each other. This is displayed in the projected light below as mesmerizing patches of light and dark patterns.

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