One Aldwych Hotel

A celebration of British design and independent thinking in the heart of Covent Garden
London Guide – Hotels, One Aldwych Hotel, Covent Garden

Located on the corner of Aldwych and Wellington Street, the One Aldwych Hotel was built between 1907 and 1910 showcasing the craftsmanship of Mewès and Davis, the architects who also designed the Ritz. Housed in the Edwardian building known as Inveresk House, this original contemporary luxury hotel flaunts sophisticated and modern British interiors. The meticulously designed and undeniably luxurious signature suites offer views ranging from the tree-lined Aldwych to the Waterloo Bridge.

The highlight, however, is the locale, as you can indulge in the best of Covent Garden’s theatre and dining scene. Make your way to the west to shop in Westminster or north to Bloomsbury or walk along the South Bank of the River Thames before escaping into central London.

One Aldwych Hotel
1 Aldwych, WC2B 4BZ
Covent Garden, London
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