Palace Downtown

A palatial oasis with distinguishing arabesque architecture in the heart of Downtown Dubai
Dubai Guide – Hotels, Palace Downtown, Downtown Dubai

Built on the edge of a lake on the Old Town Island, this award-winning hotel in Downtown Dubai is a coming together of Arabian tradition and classical design. A resort within the city, it has a confident style all of its own, a unique blend of past and present of Middle-Eastern heritage and elegant Dubai modernity, of harmony and energy.

An oasis of tranquillity, The Spa at Palace Downtown is an indulgent retreat that transcends expectations each time you visit. With everything from an Oriental bathhouse with a hammam slab to jacuzzis, monsoon showers, steam rooms and a relaxation lounge, you are guaranteed a royal treatment.

Surrounded by Burj Lake, Thiptara, which translates to ‘magic at the water’, offers award-winning Far Eastern culinary marvels including Bangkok-style delicacies. For all-day dining, reserve a table at Ewaan for a signature blend of Arabic and Oriental cuisine, against a backdrop of regal arches, wooden trellises, luxurious drapery and flamboyant accessories.

Palace Downtown
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd
Downtown Dubai, Dubai
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