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The Art of the Collector, Halcyon Gallery London

Halcyon Gallery presents The Art of The Collector, a unique exhibition of works by leading artists from Marc Chagall to Andy Warhol, inspired by the great collectors past and present who have loved and celebrated their practice. Share

Collecting plays an intrinsic role in human nature. With changing times, tastes and circumstances, collecting habits evolve and adapt. Personal and unique to their individual owners, collections are a way in which important milestones and memories can be crystallised into a tangible and personal archive or diary.

At times, collecting visual art may reflect admiration for a particular style, artist or period in history. Art enthusiasts may hone their collections gradually over many years or amass exhibitions in their entirety in just one day. Art collections can be held as a private investment to be admired in the home for generations, or alternatively gifted to cherished art institutions and museums and kept on public display for years to come.

Although much of collecting art often appears to be limited to the realms of the art market elite, The Art of The Collector reveals the accessibility of collecting art and building art collections for all. The exhibition, which also features works by Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, aims to highlight that the first steps in beginning an art collection do not need to be daunting and that art collecting is not necessarily a grand privilege reserved for a select few. Instead, from the humblest of beginnings and in the unlikeliest of places, a passion for art can lead to a lifetime of collecting.

The exhibition runs from 27 Jun 2017 – 10 Sep 2017.

Halcyon Gallery

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