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Andy Warhol: Talking Pop, Halcyon Gallery

Halcyon Gallery presents ANDY WARHOL: TALKING POP - a unique collection of graphics, portfolios and original works on paper and canvas. Share

Covering the breadth and scope of Warhol’s prolific career, ANDY WARHOL: TALKING POP explores the legendary Pop Art icon’s artistic ingenuity and importance – from his early commercial illustrations of the 1950s such as Love is a Pink Cake and Tattooed Woman Holding a Rose to his iconic portfolios such as Myths of the 1980s.

Arguably the most famous American artist of the twentieth century, Warhol was a leading figure in the Post-war phenomenon of Pop Art. Best known for his subjects appropriated from popular culture, newspapers and consumer products, Warhol adopted an inexpressive, pared-down style that dared to challenge the traditional notions of art. By silk-screening images in multiple colour combinations, he mounted a bold challenge to the concept of the ‘unique artwork’ whilst his appropriation of corporate logos and cultural products and commodities exemplified his talent for elevating consumer culture, the mainstream and mass production.

The son of working-class immigrants living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Warhol was fascinated by luxury items and food products which he turned into icons and revelled in his contact with superstars as he rose to the height of his fame during the 1960s. By creating portraits of cultural heavyweights such as James Dean, Judy Garland and Muhammad Ali in the 1970s and 80s, Warhol questioned the role of celebrity and its relationship with the public in contemporary society.

Although Warhol is best known for his silkscreens, the exhibition also offers a rare glimpse into the creative process of the Pop art pioneer, showing rare original works on canvas such as Northwest CoastMask and Mobilgas and revealing his fascination with the many facets of North American life and history.

The exhibition runs from 14 Feb 2017 – 18 Apr 2017 at Halcyon Gallery London.

Halcyon Gallery

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