lifestyle /horology Legacy Machine FlyingT unlocking the Feminine Side Of MB&F Presenting Legacy Machine FlyingT, the first of MB&F’s three-dimensional horological art pieces dedicated to women: a new avenue of horological exploration.
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Inspiration came from the combination of qualities that characterise the greatest feminine figures in Maximilian Büsser’s life: elegance was key, but so was an infectious energy that could captivate an entire roomful of people. The round case with slender, elongated lugs is fully set with diamonds. An extravagantly convex dome of sapphire crystal rises from the bezel. Beneath the dome, a subtly curved dial plate, liquidly black with layers of stretched lacquer or glittering with blazing white diamonds.

A flying tourbillon projects high above the rest of the movement, a dynamic column that stops just short of the apex of the sapphire crystal dome. At the 7 o’clock position is a dial of black or white lacquer that displays the hours and minutes with a pair of elegant serpentine hands. The dial is inclined at a 50° tilt; only the wearer can read the time, an intimate communication that highlights the personal nature of LM FlyingT.

Legacy Machine FlyingT unlocking the Feminine Side Of MB&F
Courtesy of MB&F

On the reverse, the automatic winding rotor takes the shape of a three-dimensional red sun with sculpted rays, providing 100 hours of power reserve. Even the most unpredictable and audaciously led lives, when observed from a distance, form patterns and fall into cycles. For Maximilian Büsser and MB&F, creative energy comes in seven-year cycles. The 14th year of MB&F unveils a new avenue of horological exploration, an evolution of creative horizons for founder and company alike.

Legacy Machine FlyingT unlocking the Feminine Side Of MB&F
Courtesy of MB&F

The creative process behind LM FlyingT started four years ago, when Maximilian Büsser began thinking about making something inspired by the feminine influences in his life: “I created MB&F to do what I believe in, making three-dimensional sculptural kinetic art pieces that give the time; I was creating for myself. But at some point there came a desire to create something for the women in my family. I’ve been surrounded by their influence all my life, so I gave myself the challenge to do something for them. 

I wanted LM FlyingT to possess the epitome of femininity as reflected by the women in my life, particularly my mother. It had to combine supreme elegance with tremendous vitality. The column-like structure of the flying tourbillon was very important to me as I felt very strongly that women form the pillar of humanity. There is another layer of meaning coming in from the sun-shaped rotor, which incorporates the element of life-giving, a source of sustenance which we gravitate towards and around.”

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