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Founded in 2016 by Danish siblings, Julie and Christian, in the cycling capital of Copenhagen, MATE.BIKE has grown to become the leading electric vehicle brand on a global scale. Now backed by a growing team of specialists, the company’s vision is to change the entire eBike category with a deep understanding of modern lifestyle and a clear vision of intersecting fashion, tech and sustainability.

MATE.BIKE and Moncler call upon the world of first-movers and urban mobility enthusiasts for the launch of the much-anticipated MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 limited edition eBike. MATE x Moncler Genius edition is the fastest and strongest MATE to date. Iconic design, physical boldness and now packed with smart features.

This MATE is designed for both urban riding and mountain exploration. Experience an electrifying commute designed for both leisure and extreme adrenaline. It’s a powerful, high-tech, high-fashion, all-season ready, foldable eBike with a unique take on progressive travel. It pushes the boundaries of conventional commuting and personal expression.

Introducing the MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike
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We’re super excited and equally proud to partner with Moncler on their Moncler Genius collection. MATE.BIKE and Moncler share the same brand values, always taking the road less traveled. With our new MATE created for extreme terrain, we’re the perfect fit for extending Moncler’s pioneering spirit as innovators of the outdoors. – Christian Adel Michael & Julie Kronstrøm Carton

Taking technical performance and presentation to new heights, the level of detail and upgrading that has gone into this project is unprecedented. The result is a truly exemplary model of pinnacle integration and design – available in PEAK WHITE and DEEP BLACK. MATE x Moncler GENIUS edition features space-grade aluminum and a performance-tuned 250W or 1000W motor with throttle that allows this MATE to hit speeds of as high as 52 km/h / 32 mph (unlocked).

The battery delivers 48V for unmatched torque to tackle steep ascents. It’s also packing the highest capacity battery cells in the industry to ensure a range of up to 70 miles / 110 km on a single charge. As the world’s first connected (4G) MATE, you can wirelessly customize your MATE experience with full access to performance settings. It includes remote live-tracking and anti-theft system with SDM™ – Self Destruct Mode, a patent-pending MATE.lab™ technology.

Introducing the MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike
Introducing the MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike
Introducing the MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike
Photo: Courtesy of

The glossy all-white edition draws inspiration from the exploring snow capped mountain peaks and alpine glaciers, complete with entirely custom white component and chrome detailing. It’s a truly unique look that is certain to draw attention. The Peak White version sports high-quality chrome finish on key details to complete the crisp look.

The matte all-black version is the yin to the yang of the Peak White, inspired by the shadows of cascading peaks, deep ravines and the dark unexplored forests. The completely custom stealth blackout of all parts completes the Deep Black aesthetic.

Moncler’s vision is to reinterpret the ordinary through the extraordinary, to inspire emotions both in the cities and in the mountains where Moncler was founded. Through this distinctive lens, MATE and Moncler together realized a truly unique concept of delivering desirable personal expression at the summit of fashion and tech innovations.

The MATE x Moncler Genius collaboration was revealed during Milan Fashion Week at the exclusive Moncler Genius 2020 show. MATE.BIKE is the first non-clothing brand to be included in the Genius collections.

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