Auto China 2020
Exhibitions | Motor Show, Auto China 2020, April, Beijing, China
Exhibitions | Motor Show, Auto China 2020, April, Beijing, China

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition or Auto China is an auto show held biennially in Beijing, China since 1990.

Organized each even year in Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the show has become worldwide recognized and influential both in the Chinese market and abroad. China is currently the largest and fastest growing auto market in the world.

Our lifestyle team is on hand to provide a bespoke hospitality experience for our members at the Auto China 2020 in Beijing. Our offering is catered to your heart's desire and we cover all aspects of your experience, from accommodation and transportation arrangements, to entertainment and local guides in Beijing.

EventAuto China 2020
CategoryMotor Show
DateApril 2020
Location Beijing
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Our lifestyle team is on hand to create unforgettable hospitality experiences for you and your guests
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We provide unparalleled access to the world's most renowned and highly sought-after events, as well as, creating bespoke hospitality experiences based on your individual needs.
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We provide a global uninterrupted travel service with land, sea and air coverage, 365/24/7. In addition, our team provides bespoke suggestions for the finest hotels, apartments, off-market properties and resorts across the globe.
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Whether you wish to experience the best a city can offer, create your own mesmerising event or entertain your friends in style, our lifestyle team is on hand to orchestrate the perfect experience for you.