Exhibitions, Arts | Art Fair, Zonamaco, Centro Citibaname, Mexico City
Photo: Courtesy of Donají Rodríguez

Zonamaco is a renowned art fair that takes place twice a year in Mexico City, during February and September, and features four distinct events at Centro Citibanamex. The fair is recognized as the largest platform for art and design in Latin America, having been founded in 2002 by Zélika García.

Zonamaco México Arte Contemporáneo is a central event that brings together leading and emerging national and international art galleries, providing a platform for the exhibition and sale of contemporary art. This event has become a significant gathering for art enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals in the field.

In 2011, Zonamaco Design was established to showcase furniture, jewelry, textiles, limited editions, and decorative objects. This event provides a platform for designers and design enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and showcase their work.

Zonamaco Salon, created in 2014, exhibits antiques, providing a space for the exhibition and sale of historical objects and artifacts. This event offers visitors a glimpse into the past and an opportunity to appreciate the cultural heritage of Mexico and other countries.

Finally, Zonamaco Foto, established in 2015, features vintage, modern, and contemporary photography. This event provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work and for visitors to appreciate the art of photography.

In addition to the four events, Zonamaco offers a program of lectures and activities in museums, galleries, and exhibition sites across Mexico City. These activities provide visitors with a broader understanding of the art world and offer opportunities for engagement and education.

Overall, Zonamaco is a significant event in the art and design world, providing a platform for the exhibition and sale of art, design, and antiques, as well as opportunities for education and engagement. Its long-standing history and reputation as the largest fair platform in Latin America make it a must-visit event for anyone interested in art and design.

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Event Overview
event name
Art Fair
Early February 2025
Mexico City
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