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Photo: Courtesy of © Nobel Media. Photo: Nanaka Adachi

The Nobel Prizes are a set of six annual international awards presented in several categories by Swedish and Norwegian institutions, recognizing significant advances in academic, cultural, and scientific fields. Established in 1895 by the Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist Alfred Nobel, these prestigious awards are widely regarded as the most esteemed in their respective domains.

The Nobel Prizes are presented at ceremonies taking place in December, alternating between Stockholm and Oslo each year. Since the inception of the awards in 1901, they have been bestowed upon laureates at these ceremonies, which occur on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.

The Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm is held at the Stockholm Concert Hall, where laureates are presented with diplomas and medals by His Majesty the King of Sweden. This is followed by a banquet at the Stockholm City Hall for approximately 1,300 guests, including royalty, government representatives, and international dignitaries.

In Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize is presented by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of the King and Queen of Norway, the Government, Storting representatives, and an invited audience. A banquet in honor of the laureate(s) is hosted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee later the same day.

The Nobel Field, a permanent exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, showcases all laureates on their own screen, surrounded by thousands of small lights. The exhibition is updated as soon as a new Peace Prize laureate is announced, ensuring a timeless and comprehensive tribute to the recipients of this esteemed award.

Incorporating a visit to these historic Nobel Prize events can be part of a luxurious and immersive Scandinavian tour, which may include exploring the splendors of Copenhagen, experiencing authentic Swedish culture, and marveling at the pristine beauty of Norway's fjords.

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