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The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), established in 1985, is a prestigious film festival in Asia, recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). It serves as a platform for showcasing exceptional films from around the world in Tokyo, fostering a vibrant cinephile culture. Alongside the Shanghai International Film Festival, TIFF is the only Japanese festival accredited by the FIAPF, making it a significant event in the global film industry.

TIFF is known for its diverse range of events, including seminars, symposiums, and workshops for students, professionals, and business people. These events aim to inspire and educate attendees about the art of filmmaking, while also providing a space for filmmakers and fans to connect. The festival's awards have evolved over the years, but the Tokyo Grand Prix remains the top honor, given to the best film. Other regular awards include the Special Jury Award, as well as recognition for best actor, best actress, and best director.

Throughout its history, TIFF has attracted film enthusiasts of all ages, creating a colorful and lively atmosphere during the festival. Sponsors such as U-WATCH, Filmarks, Rhythmedia, Tokyo Metro, Marunouchi, Dolby Japan, Bandai Namco Group, Daiwa House Industry, and the Imperial Hotel have supported TIFF, contributing to its success and growth.

TIFF's commitment to showcasing timeless films is evident in its programming, such as the screening of the masterpiece "2046" directed by Wong Kar-Wai, coinciding with Tony Leung's masterclass. The festival also highlights significant moments in film history, like the work of Kinuyo Tanaka, the only woman director of the 1950s, who shot her highly accomplished romantic comedy "The Moon Has Risen" in the same year as other cinematic milestones.

The Tokyo International Film Festival is a significant event in the world of cinema, bringing together filmmakers, fans, and industry professionals to celebrate the art of filmmaking. With its diverse range of events and commitment to showcasing exceptional films, TIFF continues to inspire and educate audiences, fostering a vibrant cinephile culture in Tokyo and beyond.

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Tokyo Film Festival
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Late October 2024
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