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Japanese and Peruvian fusion at Maido, Lima, Peru

Lima-born chef Mitsuharu Tsumura uses rare ingredients and cooking techniques practised in the Amazon jungle to provide visiting diners with a culinary experience. Share

The birth of Maido is the result of Micha’s passion for Nikkei food. It is a fervent and unique love, Peru always being his source of inspiration. The landscapes, the products and the creativity of the Peruvian people are the ingredients that play in his mind and inspire his work. Maido serves a Nikkei menu that fuses Japanese and Peruvian culinary techniques.

Here the cook is not the protagonist, but it is the top quality ingredients that promise the artist the creation of the unique work of art. It looks for customers to live a genuine Nikkei experience. This wonderful cuisine is the reflection of the Japanese influence on the Peruvian gastronomy. The ingredients of both cultures complement each other as if they had been born to be one. It is an honest cuisine with unique textures and flavors.

Life is movement. Nothing is static or absolute. Like family trees, cuisines are constantly being redefined, their identities enriched by an intense intercultural exchange which has formed the basis of all civilization ever since humans shared their first sounds, products, ideas, and customs.

Fusion cuisine is just that: cooking, an inclusive word that perfectly encompasses it all. The fireplace is where bloodlines merge, where people come to sing, individual and group histories are forged, life gestates. The fireplace is where dialogue is fostered, the elements meet, opposites attract.

Thus was born Peruvian Nikkei cuisine: from a complex history called Peru; and another, equally complex, far-off and foreign history called Japan that merged to live in harmony and create the third reality: Nikkei Cuisine.

Address: Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores 15074, Peru

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