lifestyle /culinary Feeding the body and spirit at Narisawa, Tokyo, Japan A new cuisine based on ancient Japanese traditions and on the concept of sustainable gastronomy.
by Elisa Di Folco

At Narisawa restaurant,  diners are taken to a journey through Japanese cultural traditions and food. Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa adapts to fine dining the philosophy of sustainable gastronomy, reflecting the Satoyama culture: the ancient concept of understanding the environment and its characteristics, taking the most necessary resources, to follow ethical eating.

All ingredients are Japanese, sourced and selected daily, to be then prepared at Narisawa. The menu follows the Omakase-style course, the word literally means ” I leave it to you”, so the chef surprises guests with dishes of his choice, leaving the chef to express his creativity and diners to have a memorable experience.

Nature is source of inspiration for Narisawa dishes; made with simple and fresh ingredients combined to create an innovative cuisine.

Narisawa restaurant is also a chance to try the finest Japanese wines, very rare to find as Pinot Noir from Nagano and Riesling lion from Iwate.

The Bees Bar is another particular feature of this spot; a forest-inspired bar located three minutes walk from the restaurant, matches its concept of people and nature. In fact, plants and flowers surround the venue; an incredible feel to add to Narisawa dining experience.

Address: Minami Ayoyama 2-6-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062


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