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Experience the test of Brazilian cuisine at D.O.M. , San Paulo, Brazil

Traditional Brazilian recipes cooked with Italian and French techniques, D.O.M unveils peculiar ingredients.
by Elisa Di Folco

In the neighborhood of Jardins, in San Paulo we find D.O.M.. Started as a small project, the restaurant reached worldwide fame, thanks to Chef Atala’s revolutionary cuisine. His past years spent in Europe, in the most renowned restaurants, gave to Atala the inspiration to combine French and Italian techniques to basic, domestic Amazonian ingredients. His love for traditional food, and his dedication to preserve local production, characterise the concept and philosophy behind D.O.M.

Thus, all products come from small farmers and local producers.The Chef invites diners to experience D.O.M in all aspects with a testing menu, made of a selection of his specialties, described to them by the main ingredient that has inspired the whole dish.

In Atala’s cookbook we find the simplest ingredients, yet rare and unexplored, which they truly reflect the Brazilian culture, as the jambu, the acai or the priprioca.

To complete this incredible experience, the restaurant has a spacious dining areas, balanced with a classic and modern look. It has also two exclusive area for special occasions. This spot is the proof that creativity and passion are the foundation of gastronomy. make sure you reserve yourself a spot.

Address: Rua Barão de Capanema, 549, Jardins, São Paulo

Visit D.O.M. restaurant:

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