lifestyle /Culinary Discover traditional Russian recipes with a modern twist at White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia Chef Vladimir Mukhin treasured classic and current recipes of Russian cuisine, adding to it a creative character.
by Elisa Di Folco

In Moscow, Russia, White Rabbit celebrates traditional Russian cuisine combined with contemporary recipes and styles. Dishes that embrace all aspects of Russian culture, using local and finest ingredients.

Respect for traditions and interest in new culinary technologies, allowed Chef Vladimir Mukhin to become one of the leaders of Russian chefs of the “new wave”. He is the youngest chef that entered the cohort of the world’s best chefs, and today represents Russian cuisine at the world’s major gastronomic congresses.

At White Rabbit they call it Russian Evolution, as its menu is a result of exploring and experimenting with new and classic recipes.

Black Sea oysters, caviar and the Borscht soup with the chef’s signature-a twist on one of the most traditional dishes.

Its menu is not the only detail that makes this restaurant so unique: the interior recalls Alice in Wonderland theme, surrounded by fairy-tale furniture and rabbits, of course. The restaurant is located on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, under a glass dome that gives an even more magical feeling; dining by the spectacular view of Moscow.

Address: 121099, Russia, Moscow, Smolenskaya Square, Building 3, 16th Floor

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Elisa Di Folco is a journalist of culture and society, and lives in London. She is Editor-in-Chief of Gastronomy at Royist and Editor of She loves to find interesting stories to tell and travel the world.
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