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Da Vittorio by Chicco Cerea, Brusaporto, Italy

A name: Vittorio. And a family, a name that is a mark of excellence in the world of catering and hospitality. Share

An unmistakable culinary style whose dynamism and vitality have been with us for over 45 years, thanks to the insight of its founder and father – Vittorio – and the enhancements introduced by his children, who have integrated tradition with the latest techniques in recent years. A harmonious combination that gets the best out of the finest raw materials, sourced wherever they grow best.

Today, Da Vittorio is run by Signora Bruna Cerea and her five children. Enrico and Roberto are both chefs, Francesco manages the wine cellar and catering services, Rossella is head of hospitality at the Restaurant and Dimora, while Barbara runs Cavour 1880, the café-patisserie in Bergamo Alta.

The raw ingredients are of the highest quality: langoustines from Mazara del Vallo, meat from Piedmont, locally-sourced mushrooms and an infinite amount of other ingredients which travel each day from their source to the restaurant’s kitchen. The concept of “Lombard tradition and creative genius” is the leitmotiv of Da Vittorio’s menus, which are regularly updated and altered to keep up with changes in the market and in the seasons.

The care, attention and exploration of culinary themes is kept wide-ranging to please all palates. Changes in food culture have led to an impeccable, in-depth knowledge of raw ingredients, and to the sophisticated, rigorous techniques used to prepare them. They are combined together freely, with touches of colour and tangy aromas creating contrasts and leading to a perceptible crescendo of harmonious flavours.

The most diverse palates, personal tastes or culinary requirements can all find pleasure and innovation here: meat and fish, game and seafood, mushrooms and truffles, not to mention fruit and vegetables, all prepared with an original style that also takes into account the new frontiers in healthy cuisine.

Address: Da Vittorio, Via Cantalupa, 17, 24060 Brusaporto BG, Italy