lifestyle /Culinary Austrian cuisine like never seen before, at Steirereck, Vienna A must try of the international fine dining; Chef Heinz Reitbauer draws inspiration from nature to create sensational food.
by Elisa Di Folco

Immersed in the green of the Stadtpark, in the centre of Vienna, we find Steirereck. Those who are familiar with Austrian cuisine know that is rich, and embraces different cultural roots, thanks to the country’s multicultural background.

However, what Chef Heinz Reitbauer brought to life, it’s a total revolution that will change your perception of Austrian cuisine. Modern and sophisticated, the Steirereck’s menu, recreates traditional dishes with a creative touch and uniqueness.

Each plate is an ode to nature; a combination of lively colours and rare ingredients.

Among them: Duwicker Carrot, Buddha’s Hand Lemon, and Ice Crystal Salad. With a variety of creations to choose from, the fish char, stand outs from the a la carte: cooked in beeswax, at the table, and served with yellow carrots, pollen and sour-cream.

Chef Heinz Reitbauer worked with his family at their farm and at Steirereck’s early stage. After completing his training with renowned chefs, in Lyon and London, he took charge of Steirereck’s kitchen and led the restaurant to the fame that holds today. His family still owns the farm, from which the chef sources most of the products.

Austrian cuisine like never seen before, at Steirereck, Vienna
Photo: Steirereck

The stylish-glass building, perfectly matches with the restaurant’s concept of innovation. Its futuristic aspect, not only is fascinating but gives diners the feeling of being immerse in the nature- a beautiful scenery-thanks to the reflective material of the facade. The style of the interior is classy and modern, spread throughout the geometrical design.

Address: Am Heuemarkt 2A/im Stadtpark, A-1030 Vienna


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