Nuvolari Lenard
Yachts | Nuvolari Lenard, Designer, Italian Heritage
Yachts | Nuvolari Lenard, Designer, Italian Heritage

Nuvolari - Lenard is one of the most active Yacht Design firm in Italy and certainly among the largest in the world. Nuvolari Lenard is well known for its Italian Style.

NL has opened a Design Center located in the surrounding of Venice, where many designers work at several tasks. In the NL Studio find place a scale model workshop wich is integrated in the Yacht Design section and helps very much the designers to visualize and research shapes, before final design is operated by tridimensional computer aided techniques.

Nuvolari Lenard performs concept design, naval architecture, exterior styling, architecture and takes care of the yacht since the beginning of the project until the delivery.

NameNuvolari Lenard
Heritage Italian

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