Michael Apa, Dr
Wellness | Dr Michael Apa, Cosmetic Dentist, New York
Wellness | Dr Michael Apa, Cosmetic Dentist, New York

Dr. Apa has developed a new approach to aesthetic dentistry called Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD). FAD creates natural smiles that fit the face and enhance appearance. Through this approach, Dr. Apa creates a blueprint for the future of aesthetic dentistry, raising standards and meeting expectations for the best smile attainable.

The FAD approach hinges on his ability to transform the entire face into a more attractive whole by re- contouring the smile with porcelain veneers. By scientifically assessing facial asymmetries and growth patterns, Dr. Apa determined that he could restore the balance of the features by reshaping teeth to fit more harmoniously with the face. He discovered that features like a crooked nose, deviated chin, thin upper lip, hollow cheeks, or frown lines could be overcome by the artful sculpting of a new smile.

Dr. Apa has also mastered the technique of making porcelain veneers look more natural and undetectable.

NameMichael Apa, Dr
Heritage American
AreaUptown Manhattan, New York
Address30 East 76th Street, NY 10021
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