Harrison Eidsgaard

Jets | Harrison Eidsgaard, Interior Designer, British Heritage

Founded in 2005 Harrison Eidsgaard has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after names in the superyacht design industry. Its Directors Peder Eidsgaard, Ewa Eidsgaard and Ben Harrison have varied backgrounds, which have been brought together to form this dynamic trio.

PEDER (‘peter’) was born in Great Britain and grew up in Oslo, Norway. He gained a Bachelor of Science degree in design in Switzerland before starting his yacht design career in London in 1996. He decided on his chosen career after reading about London’s superyacht designers in a magazine when he was 12 years old.

EWA (‘eva’) was born in Poland and studied finance in Paris before joining Goldman Sachs in 1996, where she worked for 9 years as a Vice President. She has always had a keen interest in design and photography which she now incorporates into her interior decorating role.

BEN was born in Great Britain and grew up on the river Dart in Devon. He studied architecture at Newcastle University before starting his yacht design career in London in 2000. Having sailed since the age of 5 and coming from an architectural family background, Ben has combined these two passions in yacht design.

Harrison Eidsgaard
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