Ferdinand Berthoud
Horology | Ferdinand Berthoud, Watch Manufacturer, Swiss Heritage
Horology | Ferdinand Berthoud, Watch Manufacturer, Swiss Heritage

Master watchmaker and chronometer-maker Ferdinand Berthoud made an indelible imprint on history with his fabulous creations, including the 18th century Marine Clocks that guided the vessels of the King of France towards new horizons. Today, while the brand's purpose lies first and foremost in paying tribute to this exceptional artisan and his incredibly destiny, it also aims to exalt the very essence and the inherent fascination of the watchmaking art.

The current timepieces are direct heirs to the work of Ferdinand Berthoud. They are infused with the same ethos of innovation and precision, reinterpreted from a contemporary standpoint. Ferdinand Berthoud chronometers are a perpetual call to explore new horizons.

Produced by the workshops of the Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud in Fleurier, at the heart of the Val-de-Travers, they enshrine the quintessence of the watchmaking art, loyal to the research-driven attitude of the master chronometer-maker.

NameFerdinand Berthoud
Heritage Swiss

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