Horology | deLaCour, Watch Manufacturer, Swiss Heritage
Horology | deLaCour, Watch Manufacturer, Swiss Heritage

deLaCour was established to offer alternative and exclusive creations to the world of luxury timepieces; complicated movements that have been delicately and individually handcrafted for those who have a passion for state-of-the-art masterpieces, and a collection of distinct models to suit from the jet-set to the most meticulous timepiece avant-garde collector.

deLaCour finds its inspiration in an uncharted future and defines it with exceptional limited edition timepiece collections as a result of an independent, self-assured vision, not in response to fleeting fashion trends. Thus, deLaCour’s award winning slogan, “Since Tomorrow” defines a notion of consistently forward-looking modernism, self-expression and refinement.

The founders of deLaCour, Alfred Terzibachian and Louai Kuzbari, together with its creative team, continue to strengthen the brand's positioning as a luxury watchmaker, with a masterful jewelry making expertise.

Heritage Swiss
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Our lifestyle team is on hand to fulfill all of your horology needs across the globe
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On-market and off-market, we connect private horology buyers, sellers and suppliers with utmost privacy and confidence. You can benefit from our holistic approach with regards to fine timepieces transactions, from tailor-made searches to client representations and completion services.
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We offer impartial advice on maintaining and enhancing the value of your timepieces, as well as, using the latest technological tools to secure and manage your private collection across the globe.
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We work alongside leading financial institutions and private specialists to provide robust finance and insurance products, tailor-made for high-value timepiece collections.