A Kahn Design
Autos | A Kahn Design, Tuning Studio, British Heritage
Autos | A Kahn Design, Tuning Studio, British Heritage

Afzal Kahn envisaged from the very beginning that each Kahn Design product would be a timeless classic, reflecting European style, individuality and quality. Kahn Design confronts the convenient aesthetics of the mass manufactured product. Boldness combined with elegance. Contemporary technology combined with traditional craftmanship.

The Kahn creative team, including Product Designers, 3D Modellers, Clay Sculptors, Graphic Artists and Technical Engineers, spend thousands of hours developing and refining Afzal Kahn's concepts to the point of perfection.

Kahn Design's collection is brought to you from the artistic vision of one of Europe's leading automotive fashion houses.

NameA Kahn Design
ClassTuning Studio
Heritage British

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