lifestyle /aviation The Volante Vision Concept by Aston Martin The Volante Vision Concept is Aston Martin’s exploration into personal air mobility.
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Produced in partnership with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce, the concept aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities demonstrates Aston Martin’s forward-looking design ingenuity. Air travel will be a crucial part in the future of transportation and the Volante Vision Concept describes Aston Martin’s influence in mobility innovation. With room for three adults, the concept is a near future study that previews a flying autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle for urban and inter-city air travel, providing fast, efficient and congestion free travel.

The Volante Vision Concept by Aston Martin
The Volante Vision Concept by Aston Martin
The Volante Vision Concept by Aston Martin
Photo: Aston Martin

The Volante Vision Concept will take full advantage of the latest advances in aerospace, electrification and autonomous technologies, coupled with Aston Martin’s signature design. Combining the strengths of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin, this new concept unites the world’s best aerospace experts, propulsion specialists and designers. The skills offered by each partner ensures that the Volante Vision Concept promises to offer an exciting alternative transportation solution for customers across the globe. An intriguing race to the skies.

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