Archived News Embraer Pulse, the first-ever aerospace concept car Fueled by challenges and guided by dreams, the last fifty years have been a true journey of wonder for Embraer. Share

The Pulse Concept was inspired by the first-ever concept car (Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job from 1938). A culmination of Embraer’s vision of the future of air and ground mobility, the Pulse is the first-ever aerospace concept car. To mark the company’s 50th anniversary, Embraer’s designers couldn’t help but dream about the next 50. They believe the aerospace industry deserves a concept project for what the next 50 years could look like for VVIP air and land transportation. Enter the Pulse Concept. The Embraer Design Ops team created an aircraft and mobility network concept that offers multiple sneak peeks into conceptual and actual developments that could be introduced in the future.

The Pulse concept takes into consideration what technology sharing and product roadmaps will entail in the future. To conceptualize, the specialized team, took a quantum leap into the future. A combination vertical take-off and landing aircraft and unmanned ground vehicle, the design brings back the romanticism of flight from the 1950s and 60s but in a modern expression. The full glass pod, which would be the result of future advances in glass technology and see-through alloy metals, allows an unbelievable vantage point.

Embraer Pulse, the first-ever aerospace concept car
Embraer Pulse, the first-ever aerospace concept car
Embraer Pulse, the first-ever aerospace concept car
Embraer Pulse, the first-ever aerospace concept car
Photo: Courtesy of Embraer

The interior, representative of Embraer’s design DNA, creates a luxurious lounge atmosphere. The entire glass pod is designed to be capable of interacting as a smart glass window. For air travel, the pod takes flight in a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, inspired more by bird than machine. On the ground, the pod is transferred to an unmanned ground vehicle, creating a seamless transportation loop, moving occupants from air to ground without disturbance.

The concept entails seamless transportation that allows travel from destination to destination (not just airport to airport) from the comfort and security of the user’s own personal space. The owner of the pod never leaves that personal space during the commute. The pod accommodates for work or play, as well as a 360-degree view of the world around.

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